Toni Collier is a communicator, host and consultant at North Point Ministries (founded by Andy Stanley), on-camera personality at The reThink Group, Fellowship of Christian Athletes public school speaker and co-founder of The Resource Group: A faith based consulting firm.

With a degree in business logistics and entrepreneurship she has used her talents to grow churches, ministries & businesses in the areas of; student ministry, creative marketing, leadership, innovation and strategic planning.

Toni is known for her vibrant personality, charisma and all around welcoming spirit. You will frequently hear her shout the sentence; "Broken crayons still color!" as she has a passion to help women and teens believe in the idea that no matter their difficult story or walls of weakness, God still has an incredible plan to go along with the purpose He's placed in their life.

Toni is "Texas proud" of her Houston, TX roots, but currently resides in Atlanta, GA and loves spending time with her incredible husband and family!

There's honestly one word that describes my husband and that's; soulmate. He's literally my best friend and not only do we share the same wild laugh and personality, but we share interests, talents and a passion for reaching God's people. Our #marriagemotto is that "if we're not having fun, we're doing something wrong." Every day is seriously an adventure with us, my reality is so much better with him in it and while every story is beautiful, his story is my favorite.

Sam was adopted out of a tough situation at 2 months with his twin sister Sara and has dedicated his heart to reaching the next generation of underprivileged students by challenging them to stare in the face of adversity and fight to live an above average life. He's the Director of City Strategy for the ReThink Group (Orange Leaders), a phenomenal host and communicator at North Point and travels the nation telling his story. Here's my not so shameless plug, check him out at You'll see why my heart still skips a beat every day that I'm with him!

This super extroverted, wild & free little girl made me a mom. Dylan is one of my greatest victories and because of her I've learned how to be more compassionate, I've gained a whole bunch of patience (LOL) and because of her I have the opportunity to sow all of the greatest parts of me into her future and be a part of watching it blossom. I wouldn't trade this Moana singing, ball-throwing play-doh artist for the world.